Neighbors and Neighbors Association, Inc.

BACKGROUND: Liberty Square Public Housing, which was once a army base, is the oldest public housing complex in the southern district. During the days of segregation people of color could not venture outside the wall after sun down unless they had a pass. Now the high unemployment rate, murder and street level drug sells has all but destroyed the moral of this community. NANA understands the needs of the community and believe that by providing economic opportunity to these individuals we can help to instill pride back into the most underserved residents of Miami Dade County. NANA believes that economic development, specifically the creation of jobs through small business activities is a way to alleviate some of the hopelessness. We believe if you provide some of the residents with small businesses and the tools needed for success you will in time create new jobs for individuals in the local community. To that end NANA is implementing a pilot micro loan and grant program geared to residents in the Liberty Square Public Housing Facility.


NANA has created within its existing loan and grant program a sub-program geared to provide financial and technical assistance to residents of this public housing facility that have the desire and drive to start a small business. The program will have four phases

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

The pilot program will increase the participant's self-esteem and self-worth. The program can help the participant to become less dependent upon the government and more self-sufficient. This program will help your local governmental agencies by increasing the employment opportunities for public housing residents. We will keep the county and the city departments informed throughout the entire process and will welcome any suggestions or comments for the betterment of the program.


NANA's Executive Director, Leroy Jones, grew up in public housing and was given and opportunity to better himself. He would like to provide that same opportunity to others. To help individuals to be better than people expect them to be. Mr. Jones plans to be personally involved in this project from beginning to end.

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